Humana Behavioral Health and Harris, Rothenberg International, Inc. (HRI) are conducting business as Humana EAP and work-life services and are wholly owned subsidiaries of Humana Inc. Humana Behavioral Health leases its EAP provider network to HRI to provide EAP services to its clients.

Participation requirements

Participation in Humana Behavioral Health’s EAP requires

  • an executed Humana Behavioral Health Provider Participation Agreement, along with the EAP Provisions attachment
  • fulfillment of Humana Behavioral Health’s provider participation requirements, including review and approval by Humana Behavioral Health’s credentialing department

Information on Humana Behavioral Health’s provider participation requirements is available on the join our network page.

Experience summary

Providers are encouraged to complete and submit the Humana Behavioral Health EAP Provider Experience Summary. Humana’s goal is to match a client’s needs with the provider’s qualifications as closely as possible. We may be able to designate you as an experienced EAP provider if you

  • hold a certified employee assistance professional (CEAP) credential
  • are an employee assistance specialist
  • hold clinician (EAS-C) certification
  • have at least 2 years of experience routinely providing EAP services

Providers designated as an experienced EAP provider may get preference in EAP referrals. Additionally, other qualifications listed on the summary may be used to preferentially rank referrals based on client need.

Download the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider Experience Summary., PDF opens new window

Providers contracted for EAP

EAP sessions will be provided as outlined in the EAP Amendment executed with the Humana Behavioral Health Provider Participation Agreement.

Client requests for EAP services will be referred to Humana Behavioral Health participating providers. All EAP services provided to Humana EAP and work-life service clients must be authorized by Humana EAP and work-life services.