Humana and its care partners offer a variety of programs for Humana-covered patients with chronic kidney disease. Care managers in each program work closely with providers to give patients individual support and guidance while educating them about their disease. They support the physician’s care plan and assist with coordination of care.

Overview of programs

Each program offers a suite of services that may include the following:

  • Care coordination between patient, physician and care manager to clarify treatment plans, medication regimens, specialist referrals or other urgent issues
  • Medication reviews and adherence support
  • Social and behavioral support, such as meal assistance, caregiver support and arranging access to transportation
  • Chronic disease education and lifestyle medications
  • Palliative care coordination
  • Assisting members in obtaining home health and durable medical equipment
  • Dialysis education, including home dialysis and back-up permanent access acquisition
  • Telephonic, telehealth and in-person services (depending on location and program)

Care Partners and Their Locations

Interwell – available for eligible patients in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia

Monogram Health – for eligible patients in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee

Strive Health – for eligible patients in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and North Carolina

Eligibility and cost

Program services are available for patients with select Humana Medicare plans in the states cited above. Care partners will contact eligible patients and offer them the opportunity to enroll in the program.

Programs are available to patients at no additional cost. Market participation may vary and is subject to change.

Entering member information into EQRS

Learn more about end-stage kidney disease eligibility requirements and how to enter member information into EQRS. View PDF , PDF