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This program provides fully prepared, nutritious meals to eligible Humana Medicare-covered patients recovering from an inpatient stay in a hospital or skilled nursing facility, as well as those enrolled in a qualified chronic-condition special needs plan. Eligible patients receive home delivery of the meals. Patients also receive a guide to nutrition and eating well.

Program overview

Eligible patients who have been discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF) receive meals from a Humana vendor. The number of post-discharge meals provided is dependent upon the patient’s Humana plan benefits. Patients can receive these meals in conjunction with up to four hospital/SNF admissions per year.

Humana-covered patients who are eligible for the chronic condition meals program receive 20 meals that support the special dietary needs of that chronic condition. Patients with multiple conditions can receive 20 meals per condition during the plan year. Eligible conditions include congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, diabetes and end-stage renal disease.

A discharge nurse or a Humana At HomeSM care manager also may order meals for a covered patient. Meal delivery is arranged by the vendor. Meals will be delivered via FedEX or UPS.

Eligibility and cost

The Humana Well Dine program is available to eligible patients with Humana Medicare individual, group and supplemental plans who are recovering after an inpatient stay in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Those with qualifying chronic conditions who are in a chronic-condition or dual-eligible special needs plan also may be eligible, as well as Illinois Medicare-Medicaid Plan members. Meals are part of these patients’ benefit plans and are offered at no additional cost throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.