The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and state Medicaid contracts mandate that all Humana-contracted healthcare providers complete compliance trainings.

You have 2 options for completing compliance training:

  • We recommend completing the trainings via your secure Availity Essentials™ account (registration required). After completing the training, you easily can submit an electronic attestation of completion. The attestation is a requirement and lets us know you completed the training.
  • Trainings are also available below as downloadable PDFs. You can review the PDFs and submit an attestation of completion through your Availity Essentials account or by email to

How to complete your compliance training and attestation online:

  • Sign in to Availity Essentials.
  • Select Payer Spaces – Humana.
  • Select the Resources tab.
  • Select Humana Compliance Events
  • Select I agree to the notice that pops up to indicate you are leaving Availity Essentials’ website.
  • If a security warning pops up indicating you are navigating to, choose Yes to proceed. You will be entering Humana’s secured compliance portal.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to add, review and accept the compliance events.
  • Sign out in the upper right corner of the screen when all applicable events show Complete.

Compliance training materials:

Cultural Humility and Implicit Bias Training

This training, PDF includes information about culture, cultural competence, clear communication, various subcultures and populations, strategies for working with seniors and people with disabilities, and additional information we want our providers to have.

Health, Safety and Welfare Education Training

This training includes information about abuse; neglect; exploitation; interventions; “handle with care” measures; reporting abuse, neglect or exploitation; rights of mandated reporters; general reporting requirements; critical incidents; and information about Indiana agencies.

Humana Medicaid Provider Orientation Training

Coming soon

Attestation form:

If you complete the training manually, please fill out and return the Compliance Requirements Attestation Form.

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