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Communications and network notices

Visit this page often to find current network notices, current and previous issues of our New Horizon Louisiana Medicaid provider newsletter, and updates to our prior authorization processes.

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Network notices


LDH Informational Bulletin 23-18: Managed Care Organization Credentialing for Medical Staff of Hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and Rural Health Clinics, PDF

LDH Informational Bulletin 23-17: Coverage for Portable Oxygen Concentrators, PDF

LDH Behavioral Health Services Manual Update – effective August 25, 2023, PDF

LDH Informational Bulletin 23-16: Physician-Administered Drug Reimbursement Update, PDF

LDH Informational Bulletin 23-14: Electronic Visit Verification for Home Health Services , PDF

LDH Informational Bulletin 23-12: Anesthesia Policy for Pain Management , PDF

Humana Healthy Horizons in Louisiana Chiropractic Payment Network Notification , PDF

LDH Crisis Regional Tour 2023 – Save The Date , PDF

LDH Informational Bulletin 23-12: Midwifery Services Reimbursement Rate Update – Revised August 18, 2023, PDF

Mental Health Rehabilitation (MHR) Billing Guidance, PDF

Informational Bulletin 22-10: Termination of the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Temporary Mileage Rate Increase – effective August 1, 2023, PDF

Informational Bulletin 22-38: New Information about Medicaid Provider Enrollment – effective July 14, 2023, PDF

LDH Informational Bulletin 23-11 Diabetic Supplies Coverage as a Pharmacy Benefit – effective October 1, 2023, PDF

LDH Informational Bulletin 23-10 COVID-19 Laboratory Test Update of HCPS codes U0003. U0004, U0005 – Revised July 14, 2023, PDF

Update Humana Dental Program Fee Schedule – effective July 1, 2023, PDF

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) Provider Incentive, PDF

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) behavioral health provider manual updates, PDF

Louisiana Department of Health Informational Bulletin 23-09 – effective June 15, 2023, PDF

Louisiana Department of Health Informational Bulletin 21-9 – effective June 15, 2023, PDF

The Louisiana Department of Health is consolidating Provider Type codes used for Mental Health Rehabilitation Agency and Behavioral Health Rehab Provider Agency – published June 7, 2023, PDF

Louisiana Department of Health retired several Informational Bulletins related to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency – published May 15, 2023 , PDF

Rural health clinic and federally qualified health center payment variances identified – published May 10, 2023 , PDF

Private third-party liability and Medicare Advantage Plan request submission update – effective May 4, 2023 , PDF

Mental health services reimbursement issue identified – effective May 2, 2023 , PDF

Coverage of Makena (17-Hydroxprogesterone Caproate) for prevention of preterm birth – effective April 6, 2023 (published May 1, 2023) , PDF

Comprehensive dental care for adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities residing in an intermediate care facility – effective May 1, 2023 , PDF

General anesthesia and facility reimbursement increase for dental treatment – effective March 24, 2023 (published April 24, 2023), PDF

Hospital observation claims payment issue – effective April 19, 2023 (published April 14, 2023), PDF

LDH policy update: Home Health Services Reimbursement Rate Update – effective April 3, 2023 (published April 14, 2023), PDF

LDH policy update: Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Personal Care Services (EPSDT-PCS) – effective May 11, 2023 (published April 13, 2023) , PDF

Identified system edit causing improper 69i denials – effective April 12, 2023 , PDF

Information from LDH about available options for pursuing resolution of issues with Medicaid managed care organizations and the state’s fee-for-service claims processor, Gainwell Technologies – revised June 15, 2023 , PDF

Community psychiatric supportive treatment payment error – effective April 7, 2023 , PDF

Immunization update – Pneumococcal vaccine (15 valent) for ages 0 - 18 – effective April 3, 2023 , PDF

Reimbursement for portable oxygen content units , PDF

Information about how to resolve claims payment issues for transportation providers – effective Mar. 27, 2023 , PDF

Louisiana Department of Health telemedicine and telehealth health plan advisory updates – effective Mar. 17, 2023 (Updated May 24, 2023) , PDF

Louisiana Department of Health Behavioral Services Provider Manual Updates – effective Mar. 10, 2023 , PDF

Act 143 Implementation – effective Mar. 1, 2023, PDF

Federally Qualified Health Center and Rural Health Clinic Claims Payment Issue – effective Feb. 24, 2023 , PDF

Louisiana Department of Health Informational Bulletin 19-3 – revised July 31, 2023, PDF

53Y Claim Denial Communication – effective Feb. 3, 2023, PDF

Procedure for Submitting 148 Admission Forms – effective Jan. 25, 2023, PDF

Enteral Formula Reimbursement Changes – effective Jan. 1, 2023, PDF

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