Humana representatives are here to help you and your team navigate the resources and tools available. Our interactive webinars are about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Check out the session schedules below.

Webinars available for providers

Humana’s partnership with Availity, a multipayer portal site, gives providers access to tools and resources that can save time for you and your team.

Introduction to Humana online: Availity provider portal

The Availity provider portal allows you to check eligibility and benefits, submit referrals and authorizations, manage claims and complete other secure administrative tasks online. Because the Availity portal is a multipayer site, you can use the same username and password to complete transactions with Humana and other participating payers.

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Authorization and referral management

Humana’s Authorization Management app, available on the Availity portal, makes working with Humana authorization information easier than ever. Use the app to search for and view authorization and referral requests for Humana-covered patients. In some cases, users also can update a referral or authorization request and add attachments.

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Claim status

The Claim Status tool on the Availity portal allows you to view submitted claims for your Humana patients. You can search by claim number, date of service, member or family unit or date processed. You can also submit an attachment, if needed.

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Medical records management

Humana’s Medical Records Management (MRM) tool on the Availity portal enables seamless, real-time sharing of medical record information between healthcare providers and the requesting Humana departments. With the MRM tool, you can submit requested medical records quickly and securely online (in TIF, TIFF, JPEG, JPG and PDF format), check the status of submissions and view new, completed and canceled requests.

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