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Population Insights Compass

Humana’s Population Insights Compass is a population health management platform that eases friction in care by steering healthcare teams around data silos and providing reliable insight into value-based care.

For access to Population Insights Compass, contact your Humana representative.

Population Insights Compass Benefits

Simpifying the Experience

Empowers providers to return to their mission of serving patients by reducing administrative burden

Connecting Healthcare

Fosters collaboration between payers, providers, and patients by breaking through data silos for better cost and health outcomes

Personalizing Care

Manages care and provides timely interventions to increase healthy days by leveraging data-rich patient insights

Population Insights Compass Training Courses

Use the links below to register for Populations Insights Compass trainings. Webinars are about one hour and 15 minutes long. At the end of each, there will be an optional 15 minutes dedicated to interactive training. Compass 101 is a prerequisite to attend all other courses except Compass Café.

Compass 101

Compass 101 introduces participants to Population Insights Compass by explaining navigation and functionality.

This course also provides an in-depth look at the Census report.

Register for May Compass 101

Register for June Compass 101

Compass 102

Compass 102 explores patient-level reporting in Population Insights Compass.

It offers in-depth discussion of the Patient Roster, Visit History, Clinical Dashboard, Population Explorer, ER Utilization, Discharge/Readmit and Patient Tab functions using detailed field descriptions and use cases. 

Register for May Compass 102

Register for June Compass 102

Compass 103

Compass 103 focuses on HEDIS® reporting in Population Insights Compass.

It provides an overview of the Quality Stars, Electronic Gap Closure, Patient Experience, RX Quality and Test Kits functions using detailed field descriptions and use cases. 

Register for May Compass 103

Register for June Compass 103

Compass 104

Compass 104 covers the Clinical and Pharmacy reports in Population Insights Compass.

It covers the RX Saving, RX Coverage, Formulary Impact, Financial Dashboard and Clinical Programs reports.

Register for May Compass 104

Register for June Compass 104

Things to note

  • Signing up for a course does not grant you access to Population Insights Compass. Contact your Humana representative for access.
  • After registering for a session, you will receive an email with the training session information and a link to add the session to your calendar. Also included will be instructions on how to cancel a session, if needed.
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Compass Café

Compass Café comprises a live demonstration of new enhancements, reports and platform updates on Population Insights Compass.

Register for June Compass Café


Compass product brochure

For more details about the key features of Populations Insights Compass, take a look at the brochure.

Login error resolution guide

Having trouble accessing Population Insights Compass? This guide may help.

Have questions about Compass?

Reach out to your Humana representative for more information.