Focus is quality – not quantity – of care

Value-based care continues to grow as more physicians find themselves involved in value-based care arrangements. Organizations across the country choose to participate and invest in new forms of care delivery by taking on greater financial risk for the management of their patient population.

HEDIS Physicians in value-based arrangements with Humana are seeing improved scores and health outcomes. Ask any of those physicians about their shifting approach, and they’ll tell you that the path to value-based care is a journey. In fact, rarely is that path a straight route, but rather one with several twists and turns.

To help illustrate the many roads toward success in value-based care, Humana, in collaboration with the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians, recently produced an educational video from primary care physicians’ shared experiences. The video highlights the focus on quality over quantity of care and how such an approach can lead to better patient outcomes.

Humana is interested in learning about successes and challenges of practices within the value-base care continuum, so a link at the end directs viewers to a survey for feedback and additional recommendations.

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