Note new process to update Humana provider demographics information

When physicians and other healthcare professionals need to update their demographic information (e.g., correct a provider practice name or address, add physicians to a practice, update facility hours of operation, notify that the practice is accepting new patients, etc.), they are asked to refer to this list of contacts by region,PDF opens new window. Submitting these updates to the correct contact will help Humana quickly update its provider directories, which means Humana members can easily locate the correct information.

If you need a template format on which to submit demographic information, please use this preferred standard roster template,PDF opens new window. This FAQ,PDF opens new window will explain how the template is utilized, and why Humana has chosen to use it.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals can view their practice or facility information on Humana’s online provider directory at Under “Find a doctor,” choose “Search” to get started.

When submitting updates, healthcare providers are encouraged to provide their contact information in case there are questions about the correspondence. Questions may be directed to Humana/ChoiceCare Provider Relations at 1-800-626-2741, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Central time.