A social-determinants approach to curtailing military suicides

Social determinants of suicide in the military marries two critical focus areas for Humana – serving our military members and considering social determinants as pivotal to our whole-person health approach. Many members of the military who commit suicide never had a mental health diagnosis. We need to think about social needs, such as loneliness, if we hope to stem the remarkable loss of life from suicide in those who serve our country. I’m sharing an opinion piece Kristin Russell, MD, Segment President for Group and Military Chris Hunter and I recently published in Health Affairs. Read more about these determinants on the Health Affairs Journal website, opens new window.

The future of primary care

We would like to share a video we did with Politico in November 2019 discussing the future of primary care and highlighting the release of our 2020 value-based care report.

In it, we discuss the importance of the value-based model in primary care and how it helps drive better patient health outcomes. The video also explores the importance of partnerships between providers and health plans and addresses the social determinants of health.