This past November, we announced our fifth annual release of Humana’s value-based care results that highlight an increase in preventive care, improvement in health outcomes and quality measures and an overall decrease in cost to Humana’s Medicare Advantage members. The value-based care approach is a holistic, integrated, care-delivery model centered around primary physicians and their relationship to their patients. More than 83% of Medicare Advantage patients live with at least 2 chronic medical conditions and require coordination of multiple specialists in their care. The value-based care approach helps balance the assessment of social determinants of health—such as food insecurity, loneliness and social isolation—and looks at how these factors can substantially impact the health of patients.

Written by physicians, this year’s Value-based Care Report demonstrates that Medicare Advantage patients underwent more preventive screenings, required hospitalization less often and received a higher quality of care demonstrated by the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) star ratings. By having access to more resources and information, physicians can focus on patients who need additional support to control their chronic conditions and reduce acute-care episodes. And in this model, with care offered at the right place and the right time, overall costs also were less.

By providing a range of clinical services, such as behavioral health resources, pharmacy services, care coordination and clinical services in the home, with increased data and analytics, we aim to support our physicians as they work to create a better quality of life and well-being for their patients, families, the Medicare population and communities at large.

Humana President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Broussard supports our value-based-care strategy, too. He recently stated, “As Humana continues to improve the functionality of our integrated care strategy with investments in home health and data analytics, we will employ those capabilities to become and even stronger supporters of physician practices as they navigate to value.”

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