The Making It Easier Series offers two new topics

The Making It Easier series is a library of information about Humana’s claims payment policies and processes, with each topic addressed separately for easy access. The library includes a narrated video presentation and a printable tip sheet for each topic, all available 24/7 to be viewed at your convenience.

We continue to improve the Making It Easier series based on your feedback. Two topics added recently are highlighted below.

Claim Disputes and Corrected Claims: This material provides guidance about how to dispute a claim outcome or submit a corrected claim. It includes a description of each action and the criteria for determining which approach is correct. The presentation also outlines the information to be submitted and the process for each. It applies to medical claims only.

Understanding an Explanation of Remittance (EOR): This presentation provides guidance about how to access a remittance using Humana’s online tools and how to interpret the information provided on remittances.

Other topics that have recently been updated include:

  • Humana’s Maximum Unit Values
  • Application of Medicare NCD/LCD Guidelines
  • Modifiers 59 and X{EPSU}

Look for these new presentations, and additional topics here.