Authorization Management app can save time and effort

Need to update or modify an approved preauthorization or referral? Beginning in late April, you can save a phone call and time by using the newly enhanced Authorization Management app on Availity. Improvements to the tool let healthcare providers edit any eligible fields within an approved preauthorization. (Ineligible fields will not allow editing.)

With the enhanced app, you are now able to:

  • Extend the end date on approved preauthorizations and referrals1
  • Add the discharge date and discharge disposition to approved inpatient preauthorizations
  • Add procedure codes to preauthorizations and referrals in approved status.2
  • Add additional visits/units to preauthorizations and referrals in approved status. 2 (Please note that adding visits/units may pend the case for clinical review.)

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  1. Some types of approved preauthorizations cannot be extended, such as rental durable medical equipment (DME) services, home health authorizations, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and certain authorizations to nonparticipating providers
  2. Please note that adding procedure codes may pend the case for clinical review.