The Humana Member Summary is a tool that displays patient-specific, clinically relevant information in a standardized format to assist you in identifying opportunities to improve clinical outcomes and reduce medically related costs. The Humana Member Summary is designed to be printed or saved electronically (as a PDF) into the patient’s medical record for use at the point of care. It is composed of 1 to 3 pages per patient.

Member summaries are available for Medicare and commercial members who have opted to share their health records with their healthcare providers. The Humana Member Summary is not currently available for members served by Humana Military® Healthcare Services.

Accessing the Humana Member Summary

Physicians and other clinicians can access the Humana Member Summary through the secure portal at , opens new window (registration required). Review this document for detailed instructions. , PDF opens new window

Summaries for physicians also are available through select electronic medical records systems.

Dental providers can follow these steps to access the Humana Member Summary. , PDF opens new window

Humana Member Summary resources

For more information

For questions about the Humana Member Summary:

  • Contact Humana provider relations at 1-800-626-2741, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Central time
  • Contact your Humana market representative
  • Send an email to

Humana Member Summary disclaimer

The Humana Member Summary is not a medical report, nor is it intended to be a complete record of a patient’s health information. Certain types of information may have been intentionally omitted due to sensitivity (psychiatric and substance abuse issues, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion) or for other reasons, and the summary may contain errors. Physicians must use their professional judgment to verify information in the summary and should not rely exclusively on the summary to treat their patients. Diagnosis information is powered by Humana's clinical rules engine.