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Moving to value-based care

As healthcare moves to a patient-centered, outcome-based model, Humana is committed to empowering providers to make the shift.

Real-world advice and experiences

Actionable tips, insights and inspiration from physicians to help you adapt and succeed in value-based care.

How value-based care pushes forward-thinking creative solutions to address the rural healthcare crisis

Alex Ding, M.D., Associate Vice President of Physician Strategy and Medical Affairs at Humana, speaks on a panel at South by Southwest and discusses rural healthcare challenges, including how value-based care can help providers proactively address important needs.

Physicians and administrators understand that the key to a successful practice is building positive relationships with patients.

Physicians get to know patients each time they visit the office for a check-up or procedure, but understanding of their health background may still be limited.

Population Insights Compass is a tool created to inform Humana-contracted primary care physicians about their patients’ lives and medical histories outside the office.

With this support, physicians can provide more informed value-based care.

Compass houses supporting data about a patient’s physical and social well-being in one convenient portal.

Through the tool’s “Explorer” feature, for example, physicians and their care teams can learn more about their patient population by searching different categories.

Let’s consider a real-life scenario using fictional physician, Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith logs into Compass and clicks The Population Explorer tab.

From there, she can view a list of patients who have particular health conditions, who have missed a wellness exam or check-up, or who have compounding health factors, such as loneliness, financial strain or lack of access to healthy foods.

In addition to Population Explorer, Dr. Smith can look through a number of data-driven reports for further insight into her patient panel. She can then take this information into account when communicating with patients who might need extra care.

Compass gives physicians and their care teams a new tool that can help them uncover potential health concerns with patients before they occur.

The tool uses predictive modeling to identify social determinants of health and potential readmissions so that physicians can monitor patients and provide more personalized care.

Compass uses critical integrations to combine pharmacy claims, Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) opportunities and financial data into one easy-to-use platform.

Providing patients well-rounded, value-based care is a top priority for physicians. Compass can unlock an array of data that supports physicians and their care teams in achieving operational efficiencies that lead to better patient outcomes.

To learn more, Humana-contracted primary care physicians can contact their provider engagement representatives.

Cutting-edge innovation for smarter healthcare experiences

Humana has created tools to help support our value-based care providers. Our Population Insights tool, a centralized reporting platform, offers actionable data and enables you to:

  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Prioritize patients for interventions
  • Adapt a holistic view for treating patients

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