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A map of the United States divived into regions represented by doctors. Intermountain region: Dr. Richard Smith. Pacific Southwest region: Dr. Tom Roben. Central region: Dr. Liz Peterson. South region: Dr. Giri Chilukuri. Gulf South region: Dr. Rebecca Colon. Midwest region: Dr. Val Slayton. Northwest region: Dr. Bob Zorowitz. Southeast region: Dr. Lily Pham. Florida region: Dr. Albert Tzeel. Puerto Rico region: Dr. Ivone Vega

Intermountain Region

Dr. Richard Smith

Email, Dr. Richard Smith
LinkedIn, Dr. Richard Smith

Pacific Southwest Region

Dr. Tom Roben

Email, Dr. Tom Roben
LinkedIn, Dr. Tom Roben

Central Region

Dr. Liz Peterson

Email, Dr. Liz Peterson
LinkedIn, Dr. Liz Peterson

South Region

Dr. Giri Chilukuri

Email, Dr. Giri Chilukuri
LinkedIn, Dr. Giri Chilukuri

Gulf South Region

Dr. Rebecca Colon

Email, Dr. Rebecca Colon
LinkedIn, Dr. Rebecca Colon

Midwest Region

Dr. Val Slayton

Email, Dr. Val Slayton
LinkedIn, Dr. Val Slayton

Northwest Region

Dr. Bob Zorowitz

Email, Dr. Bob Zorowitz
LinkedIn, Dr. Bob Zorowitz

Southeast Region

Dr. Lily Pham

Email, Dr. Lily Pham
LinkedIn, Dr. Lily Pham

Florida Region

Dr. Albert Tzeel

Email,Dr. Albert Tzeel
LinkedIn, Dr. Albert Tzeel

Puerto Rico Region

Dr. Ivonne Vega

Email, Dr. Ivonne Vega
LinkedIn, Dr. Ivonne Vega

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