Insights from a small practice

Family Health Medical is a small practice located in Westfield, New York.

What have been or continue to be some key areas of focus and investment?

A concentration on patient compliance and building lasting relationships with patients is a key focus area for VBC. Improving health outcomes requires a strong partnership between the clinician and the patient with clear goals and a structured plan of care to accomplish said goals. We continue to improve our reporting capabilities within our EMR to streamline our efforts and monitor our quality care performance on a monthly and quarterly basis.

How has the relationship with payers evolved under value-based care?

Our relationships have grown gradually as more payers have adopted a value-based care approach. Over time, we have seen improvements with our ability to share and receive information with each payer for more efficient outreach efforts and more concise tracking of our performance with each Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measure and quality care opportunity. When the initiatives of the payer and the provider are aligned, we actualize better patient outcomes with fewer resources.

5 primary care physicians (PCPs) across 4 locations support 520 Humana MA members.

The data on this infographic is from the 2022 VBC report.

What is a lesson your practice learned that led to success?

Accepting the fact that there will always be a certain level of non-compliance is difficult when you are looking to provide the same standard of care to all patients.

Sparking engagement with patients can be a difficult task to accomplish, but it is also very rewarding when you can break through those barriers and help someone complete their preventative screening measures.

What are some outcomes your practice and patients have experienced?

Our practice and patients have experienced the continuity of care during the pandemic based upon the practices and personnel in place pre-COVID. Having designated employees, outreach protocols and reporting at our fingertips really allowed us to navigate those uncharted territories successfully. At FHMS, our patients can expect a similar experience with any provider they choose to see. We have optimized our electronic medical records to identify the key issues that may need to be addressed each time a patient steps into our office.

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