Financial summaries work great in other industries, so we thought—why not provide a health care statement for members that does the same thing?

Our SmartSummary statement became the healthcare industry's first comprehensive and personalized health benefits statement.

What are SmartSummary and SmartSummaryRxSM?

A SmartSummary benefits statement provides a full picture of the member's use of healthcare services and associated costs – such as doctor's visits, lab work, therapies, hospitalizations, medication, copayments and deductible.

Humana members receive SmartSummary quarterly. Medicare members receive a similar statement monthly called SmartSummaryRx.

Why is it important to pharmacists?

A member's SmartSummary or SmartSummaryRx includes relevant information that helps members:

  • Engage – in their healthcare spending
  • Know – about their total healthcare picture
  • Decide – about their healthcare and their benefit

By reviewing SmartSummary in detail, members become more aware of their health and healthcare choices. They may find that they're overdue for an annual screening, or they may realize they aren't sure why they've been prescribed certain medications.

Humana encourages them to review SmartSummary and ask questions of their doctor or pharmacist.

Preview SmartSummary

SmartSummary Sample View a sample of this comprehensive and personal health benefits statement. Humana members receive a SmartSummary statement each quarter with year-to-date information. (1.9 MB) Download PDF


Preview SmartSummaryRx

SmartSummaryRx Sample In a slightly different format and delivered on a monthly basis, SmartSummaryRx offers many of the same benefits of the SmartSummary statement to Humana's Medicare members. (1.2 MB) Download PDF