A key focus of Humana’s clinical programs is improving medication adherence among our members.

Telephone and in-person consultations

  • Humana calls Medicare Advantage members whose claims data indicate they are not adherent to their medications. Humana tries to determine why a member is not adherent, explains the importance of adherence and offers a transfer to a nurse or pharmacist, when appropriate.
  • A dedicated team of Humana associates calls Medicare Advantage members when they are overdue for a refill of their diabetes, blood pressure or cholesterol medication and offers to help them refill the prescription at the pharmacy of their choice.
  • Humana’s RxMentor® program provides eligible members with one-on-one consultations with pharmacists, in person or by phone. Adherence and drug safety are part of these conversations.

Member mailings

  • Humana mails medication adherence educational materials to members who do not appear to be taking their medications as directed.
  • Humana Medicare prescription drug plan members receive a SmartSummary Rx® benefits statement that recommends lower-cost alternatives to their medications, when applicable. Humana strives to improve medication adherence for members who see cost as a barrier to taking their prescriptions as directed.

Mail-order pharmacy options

Humana contracts with mail-order pharmacies, including its own, Humana Pharmacy®, so members can avoid trips to the pharmacy. Humana Pharmacy offers members free shipping to the location of their choice. This eases the burden of filling prescriptions and can improve adherence. In addition, in many of Humana’s Medicare plans, members may receive Tier 1 generic medications for a $0 copayment at Humana Pharmacy*. Members often cite costs as a reason for nonadherence—affordable medications may help them stay on track with their prescription therapy. Humana Pharmacy can also provide Humana members with refill reminders, encouraging them to keep an adequate supply of their medications on hand.

Humana recognizes that members have the sole discretion to choose their pharmacy. Prescribers should use their independent medical judgment when advising patients about their pharmacy choices. Other pharmacies are available in Humana’s network. Humana members should check their plan documents to verify their prescription benefits.

If Humana members choose to fill their prescriptions at Humana Pharmacy, prescribers may call 1-800-379-0092 (TTY: 711. Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time; and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Eastern time) or look for “Humana Pharmacy” in their prescribing software. Other pharmacies are available in the network.

The value of 90-day prescriptions

An analysis of Humana claims shows 85% of Medicare Advantage members who fill 90-day prescriptions at a mail-order facility are adherent to their medication regimens, as compared to 81% of 90-day fillers at retail sites, and 64% of 30-day fillers at retail.1 Please encourage adherence by providing 90-day prescriptions for maintenance drugs.

Teaming up with physicians

Medication adherence consultations with patients can be time-consuming.

Humana provides the following member-focused fliers to enhance medication adherence discussions with patients. Prescribers are encouraged to print and distribute these materials as needed.

Asthma flier

EnglishAsthma flier, PDF opens new window | SpanishAsthma flier, PDF opens new window

Cholesterol flier

EnglishCholesterol flier, PDF opens new window | SpanishCholesterol flier, PDF opens new window

COPD flier

EnglishCOPD flier, PDF opens new window | SpanishCOPD flier, PDF opens new window

Diabetes flier

EnglishDiabetes flier, PDF opens new window | SpanishDiabetes flier, PDF opens new window

Hypertension flier

EnglishHypertension flier, PDF opens new window | SpanishHypertension flier, PDF opens new window

Osteoporosis flier

EnglishOsteoporosis flier, PDF opens new window | SpanishOsteoporosis flier, PDF opens new window

A flier for healthcare providers summarizing Humana’s medication adherence efforts is available for download below.

Medication adherence resources

EnglishMedication adherence resources, PDF opens new window


  1. Based on a study conducted by Pharmacy Analytics, a division of Humana Pharmacy Solutions®. Performance rates for 30- and 90-day prescriptions. Published Feb. 19, 2015. Humana prescription claims data January 2014 through December 2014.

* In some plans a deductible may apply