CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy™ provides a “total health” approach for your patients. This approach integrates their pharmacy and medical needs and may help reduce their healthcare costs.

Humana recognizes that members have the sole discretion to choose their pharmacy. Please use your independent medical judgment when advising patients regarding pharmacy choices. Other pharmacies are available in Humana’s network. Prescription drug plan members should refer to their plan benefit information to verify their pharmacy mail-order benefit.

CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy manages therapies for chronic and complex illnesses. Patients receive clinical and educational services customized to their individual needs and your treatment goals.

Benefits for prescribers

  • Quick order placement by fax, phone or e-prescription
  • Updates on patients’ authorization status for select medication therapies
  • A “need-by date” refill process that helps eliminate medication surpluses while also helping to ensure patients have their medications when needed
  • Support for many complex therapies, including hemophilia, immune deficiency, oncology and hepatitis C.
  • Prescription accuracy and safety protocols that include a utilization management program. This verifies that medications meet manufacturer and Humana dosing guidelines.
  • Billing assistance to help you with coverage questions.

Benefits for your patients

Education and training

  • Education on medication side effects and how to minimize their impact
  • Medication adherence monitoring and coaching
  • Disease education
  • Injection training
  • Monitoring of proper medication dosing by checking lab results and contraindications
  • 24-hour availability of pharmacists to answer patients’ urgent or clinical questions
  • Need-based financial assistance: When patients express a financial need, CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy staff connects them to financial support programs offered by drug manufacturers and foundations. If patients are eligible, these programs may help cover the costs of their specialty medicines. About 50% of CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy patients receive some type of financial support from these programs, according to financial assistance information calculated by CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy that is based on the amount billed to and paid by manufacturer and charitable financial assistance programs.

3 ways to prescribe

Call us

Call CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy at 1-800-486-2668, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 11 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., Eastern time.


Select “CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy” in your e-prescribing software.

Fax us

Fax the appropriate medication order form to 1-877-405-7940. CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy will only accept faxes from prescribers.