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Strengthen your practice with Real-Time Benefit Check

Real-Time Benefit Check (RTBC) integrates into your electronic medical record system. When you prescribe a medication to a patient, RTBC helps you search for the lowest-cost pharmacy and medication available.

To get started using the RTBC feature contact your electronic medical record representative.

How Real-Time Benefit Check supports your practice

RTBC provides a single connection to the largest network of health plans and real-time, direct prescription benefit and price information at the point of care.

Saves time for providers; saves money for patients

  • Helps you build trust and customer satisfaction by displaying the best prices for prescriptions
  • Provides up to 3 therapeutic alternatives in a matter of seconds, accelerating the prescribing process and allowing you to spend more time with patients

Promotes prescription adherence

  • Patients are more likely to stick with affordable medications
  • Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set adherence scores went up 2% when patients switched to a lower-cost prescription
  • Improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs overall

Gives patients choices

  • Patients are empowered when they feel in control of their health
  • RTBC delivers transparency to the prescribing process by revealing alternative options
  • Search for the lowest-cost pharmacy and medication available based on a patient’s prescription benefits

The top priority of a healthcare provider is to keep patients healthy.

For too long, prescribers haven’t had all the information they need to provide low-cost and effective prescription drug recommendations.

To help solve this issue, Humana supports price, formulary alternative and utilization management requirement transparency via a real-time prescription benefit service that is already integrated into many electronic health records.

When you prescribe medication, a message will pop up with a set of options, allowing you to quickly identify the lowest-cost pharmacy and medication available, including any related utilization management requirements, with your patients’ prescription drug coverage.

This transparency will help you quickly address patients’ concerns and develop a treatment plan that works for them.

And because this tool is built directly into your existing medical records system, you’ll receive patient-specific data on out-of-pocket costs.

This is a win for both prescribers and patients as it helps prescribers potentially avoid the preauthorization process and gives patients affordable medications, they’re more likely to stick with.

We know healthcare providers always appreciate efficient ways to treat their patients. This real-time prescription benefit service makes it easy for you to evaluate cost and coverage for patients.

Enhancing the provider-patient experience

Watch this short video to learn how RTBC makes it easy for you to evaluate cost and coverage for patients.

Learn about CenterWell Pharmacy™

CenterWell Pharmacy™ is the preferred cost-sharing mail-order pharmacy for many Humana Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans and PDPs and is one of many options available to Humana members. Humana members can choose any network pharmacy for their prescription needs. For more information, visit