Humana accountable care capabilities

Humana has invested in population health solutions, including technology and other assets, to offer a comprehensive set of capabilities to primary care physicians (PCPs) transitioning to accountable care.

Our population health solutions focus on four areas: care management, clinical integration, financial management and patient engagement. Clinical care integration and care management are two especially important areas of focus, and we are offering tools to support you as you manage patients with chronic conditions. These tools include predictive analytics, identification of real-time gaps in care, clinical alerts and health information exchanges.

Through our partnerships with physicians, we have seen specific improvements in quality and outcomes in our Medicare membership, with fewer hospitalizations and improved utilization and HEDIS® quality measures.

Humana’s capabilities help you fully develop into an accountable care organization through technology and a team of people:

  • Our technology can identify patients in need of special care programs that help them stay at home longer and reduce hospital admissions and readmissions.
  • It sees “gaps in care” – for example, doctor visits missed, prescriptions not refilled and preventive health screenings needed.
  • It can detect unusual activity or irregular readings from home-health monitoring devices.

We communicate this type of clinical information to you across more than 60 types of electronic health record systems. We also send you alerts so problems can be addressed quickly to help patients avoid emergency room visits. And, we’re working with you so that all this information can be accessible in one place.

A team of people – known as our Physician Organized Delivery Systems’ (PODS) team – offers you and your practice quality, documentation and care management support as well as help with our advanced capabilities, including analytics, predictive modeling, clinical inference and chronic care management. This results in a world-class patient experience.

Transcend and Transcend Insights

Transcend is a population health management company that meets practices where they are on the path to practicing value-based medicine. Transcend brings to life the value-based care model to achieve positive population health results and improve the operational health of physician practices.

As the traditional reimbursement model transitions from volume to value, Transcend collaborates with physicians, medical groups and integrated delivery systems to successfully transition to value-based care by engaging, partnering and delivering practical services and solutions. Through coordinated service offerings, Transcend provides physicians the support they need to successfully manage their population of patients. Learn more about Transcend’s population health management capabilities (link opens in new window) .

Transcend Insights simplifies the complexities of population health through advanced community-wide interoperability, real-time health care analytics and intuitive care tools. The company’s HealthLogix platform provides health care systems, physicians and care teams with valuable clinical insights that enable more informed decisions at the point of care, enhance the patient experience and reduce costs. Fueled by the merging of three industry leaders – Certify Data Systems, Anvita Health® and nliven systems — Transcend Insights’ decade-long proven track record of excellence and expertise creates a strong foundation that fosters growth and innovation. The company’s approach to simplifying population health is reflected in its commitment to helping people achieve their best health. Learn more about Transcend Insights (link opens in new window) .