Business-critical topics

This page includes topics that you told us you need quick and easy access to in order to do business with us.

Cardiac catheterization 

Learn how to submit preauthorization or notification for cardiac catheterization.

Claim and encounter addresses 

View a list of addresses for providers to use when submitting paper claims to Humana.

Claim processing edits

Learn about updates to Humana’s claim processing policies and claim payment systems.

Clinical practice guidelines 

Access resources for diagnosing, managing and treating various clinical conditions.

Education on demand

Access educational presentations on topics such as HumanaVitality®, the Humana Access® Visa® debit card and how to do business with Humana.

Electronic submission 

Review guidelines for submitting claims electronically to Humana.

Medicare provider materials 

Download resources that offer provider-specific information about Humana health benefits for seniors.


Download comprehensive lists of services requiring preauthorization.

Provider crisis contact/location form

Submit this form if a natural disaster or other crisis requires evacuation of your area and/or relocation of your provider office.

Web-based training schedule

See a schedule of upcoming training sessions designed to help you use Humana’s electronic resources, including the benefit estimator and the referral and authorization tool.