Business-critical topics

View some of the Web resources used most often by physicians, other health care providers and office staff.

Claim and encounter addresses

View a list of addresses to use when submitting paper claims to Humana.

Claim coding guidelines

Discover numerous documents designed to assist coders.

Claim processing edits

Learn about updates to Humana’s claim processing policies and claim payment systems.

Electronic claim submission

Review guidelines for submitting claims electronically to Humana.

Financial recovery

See the policies of Humana’s provider payment integrity department.

Online authorization/referral requests

Learn how to submit and check inpatient/outpatient requests and pharmacy prior authorizations online.

Pharmacy exceptions and appeals

Find forms and instructions for coverage determinations and redeterminations.

Provider crisis contact/location form

Submit this form if a natural disaster or other crisis requires evacuation of your area and/or relocation of your office.

Provider education

View publications, education-on-demand presentations, language assistance information and more.