Humana / Apria Integrated Sleep Program Order Form

Please use the following Apria form to order a home sleep test (HST), interpretation and prescription (if a positive test result) in one form/step. Patients who transition to positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy will automatically receive enhanced compliance monitoring through the U-Sleep platform. U-Sleep is a cloud-based program that performs remote monitoring of PAP device usage and sends automated voice, text and email coaching notifications to patients.

Apria Healthcare manages the sleep program process from testing through compliance, engaging the physician or other health care provider as much as he or she desires along the way. Preauthorization is not required for HST.

Home study form (link opens in new window)

Important information

Submitting a request by fax

Please fax a completed home study form (link opens in new window) and supporting clinical information to Apria Sleep Central at 1-855-709-9967.

Submitting a request by phone/online

Physicians and other health care providers may call 1-855-709-9966 to place an order. Phoned orders still need a faxed copy of a prescription before testing. Orders cannot be submitted online at this time.


If you have questions about the Apria/Humana integrated sleep program, please contact Apria Sleep Central at 1-855-709-9966.

Other national HST options

VirtuOx: 1-877-337-7111
International Institute of Sleep: 1-800-481-3870
NovaSom 1-877-753-3776

Additional providers of HST may be available. Please call the number on the back of the patient’s card for additional assistance.