EFT/ERA enrollment

Get paid faster and reduce administrative paperwork with electronic funds transfer (EFT) and electronic remittance advice (ERA). You can set up or change your EFT/ERA information with Humana’s online enrollment tool.

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Need help enrolling?

Send us an email at if your organization:

  • Requires payments deposited in multiple bank accounts.
  • Includes multiple facilities.
  • Requires separate remittance advice documents for multiple practitioners.
  • Needs other enrollment assistance.

About EFT

When you enroll in EFT, Humana claims payments are deposited directly in the bank account(s) of your choice. The funds are delivered within one day of the ERA.

EFT payment transactions are reported with file format CCD+, which is the recommended industry standard for EFT payments. The CCD+ format is a NACHA Automated Clearing House (ACH) corporate payment format with a single, 80-character addendum record capability. The addendum record is used by the originator to provide additional information about the payment to the recipient. This format is also referenced in the ERA (835 data file). Providers should contact their financial institution if they would like to receive this information.

About ERA

The ERA replaces the paper version of the explanation of remittance (EOR). Humana delivers 5010 835 versions of all ERA remittance files that are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Humana utilizes Availity® as the central gateway for delivery of 835 transactions. You can access your ERA through your clearinghouse or through the secure provider tools available at or

Viewing your ERA online

Once you’re enrolled for EFT/ERA, you can look up information on paid claims using Humana’s online remittance inquiry tool. This secure, self-service application offers several inquiry methods and the ability to customize views of your data. You can also download the HIPAA X12N 835 version 5010 A1 electronic remittance advice in a text format, as a Microsoft Word document, in a Microsoft Excel format (as a remittance inquiry supplement file) or as an Adobe® portable document format (PDF) file.

To gain immediate access to the remittance inquiry tool and look up paid claims, register for the secure provider tools available at or


Frequently asked questions and answers about Humana ERA/EFT

Download ERA/EFT FAQ (165 Kb)