Hear from Our Leaders

Bruce Broussard
President & CEO

“Developing the next generation of physician leaders within Humana is more important than ever as we aim to redefine health care. As we deepen our clinical capabilities and work to simplify and integrate the health care experience, it’s essential that our efforts are grounded in the perspective and expertise of physicians. In fact, infusing clinical expertise in our organization has been a game-changer in moving the organization from an insurance mindset to one centered around health.”

Jody Bilney
Chief Consumer Officer

“We respect the high level of trust between doctors and nurses, and the people they care for. How can we support these relationships by simplifying the basics, such as referrals and prescriptions? And facilitate the more challenging conversations around behavioral health, chronic conditions, food insecurity and loneliness? We believe the best way to get these answers is to go directly to doctors and nurses, just as we’ve been going directly to consumers.”

Chris Hunter
Segment VP & Chief Strategy Officer

“Having these experienced clinicians collaborating with our Corporate Strategy team has been a real asset and has pushed the thinking of the team and the broader organization.”

William Fleming
Segment President, Healthcare Services

“Advancing health care is a lifetime’s worth of work! It’s not for those who want to take the easy way. It’s not selling people a consumer product. It’s giving people something they want and (at times) they don’t even know they need. Our innovative physician rotational program develops that next generation of clinical operators who will make the difference between a good day and a bad day for someone’s health, their family and the quality of their life.”

Humana Chief Medical Officer Roy Beveridge, M.D., welcomes you

We’re excited to have you come and learn more about the work we’re doing to improve people’s health by making the health care system less fragmented and more integrated. Humana is a rapidly changing company that is a leader in both population health and in the conversion from a “traditional” insurer to a true “integrated health delivery company.”

We’re hoping you’ll join us as a member of our innovative program designed to bring physician leaders to Humana. Our rotational program will utilize the leadership skills you’ve already developed, immersing you in key areas within our company with intense executive mentorship and structured learning. Our goal is to foster the development of the next generation of physician leaders within Humana.

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