Try Humana’s Updated Code Edit Simulator on the Availity Portal

Coding issues can slow down claims processing. Physicians and clinicians can help avoid unnecessary delays by using Humana’s updated code edit simulator app to quickly identify potential code edits before submitting a claim.

Physicians and clinicians also can use the simulator to gain insight into coding issues that may have prevented a submitted claim from processing as expected.

Making the switch to Availity

The new app was added to the Availity provider engagement portal as part of Humana’s initiative to phase out the secure provider portal. Although the older version of the simulator is still accessible through Humana’s secure portal, using the Availity portal is recommended for access to the latest version of this and other tools. For more information on the portal transition, visit

To use the code edit simulator, physicians and clinicians should:

  1. Sign in to the Availity portal and select “Payer Spaces,” then Humana.
  2. Select the code edit simulator from the list of applications. (If the app is not shown, physicians and clinicians will need to contact their Availity administrator to request access.)
  3. Enter basic claim information, such as member age and gender, plan type and the codes to be used when submitting the claim.

The app will immediately display code edits that Humana may apply if the claim is submitted.