Access FAQs for Information about Required Compliance Training

Annual compliance training is required of anyone who:

  1. Supports a contract with Humana or a Humana subsidiary and
  2. Performs healthcare services for patients covered by a plan administered by Humana for Medicare, Medicaid and/or dual Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries, or
  3. Performs a related function pertaining to one of the above beneficiaries.

The contracted party needs to attest annually — on behalf of those supporting the contract — that it adheres to the requirements outlined in these corresponding materials: compliance policy; standards of conduct; general compliance training; fraud, waste and abuse training and (if applicable) Medicaid training and special needs plan (SNP) training.

In a busy medical practice, having answers to related questions that may arise can be difficult. One of the quickest ways to get answers is to access the frequently asked questions and answers document here (pdf opens in new window).

The FAQ includes information such as:

  • Who needs to fulfill the requirements
  • What terms like “first-tier entity” mean
  • What happens if the requirements are not met
  • When the requirements need to be met
  • Where to log on to complete an attestation
  • Why the attestations are required
  • How to get connected to

Physicians and other healthcare providers are always welcome to learn more at Questions not addressed by the FAQ can be directed to Humana Provider Relations at 1-800-626-2741 (toll free), 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday.

Kristine Bordenave, M.D., FACP, CPMA Corporate Medical Director