Get Fast Answers Online

Get Fast Answers

Online tools simplify the routine tasks physicians and other health care providers do every day, such as:

  • Submitting authorizations and referrals
  • Finding out if patient services are covered
  • Checking the status of submitted claims and authorizations

To take advantage of the latest online tools for working with Humana, users can follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Register for the Availity Portal. This is essential because Humana is phasing out its secure portal for physicians and health care providers. The Availity (secure) portal gives access not only to multipayer tools, but also to the latest version of Humana-specific tools, such as the fee schedule app, authorization management and more.
  2. Sign up for a webinar led by a Humana eBusiness expert. These sessions cover how to use some of the most popular tools and close with a question-and-answer period. There is no cost to attend. Physicians, administrative staff and other health care providers can find the available webinars and sign up at
  3. Register new users as needed and encourage them to sign up for a webinar. Only an organization’s administrator can register new users. Administrators should also be sure to remove access for users who are no longer with their organization.

Following these steps will help ensure an organization is ready when Humana’s secure provider portal is retired.