We Must Work Together to Fight Fraud, Waste and Abuse

At Humana, we appreciate all that our contracted physicians and healthcare providers do to maintain the highest ethical standards in their business interactions. By doing so, you help Humana maintain high ethical standards.

The values and ethical principles we share help us deliver a patient experience we can be proud of. That experience stems from all of us – physicians, office staff, other healthcare practitioners and contracted parties – when we work together to live our values, take ownership of our actions and follow the state and federal legal requirements that govern our industry.

To help keep you informed about these principles, Humana offers our Ethics Every Day for Contracted Health Care Providers and Business Partners(link opens in new window). It provides necessary guidance to you and those who support you in meeting obligations to Humana. It also helps familiarize you with related Humana policies and resources, and offers tips about how to follow the rules and regulations.

A fundamental part of our ethics program is our Ethics Help Line (1-877-5-THE-KEY or www.ethicshelpline.com(link opens in new window)). Reporting suspected instances of fraud, waste, abuse or other ethics violations is required of all who support Humana and keeps the person reporting safe from retaliation, which Humana prohibits. Be sure you and all who support your contract with Humana use this resource to share concerns. If preferred, the reporter can remain completely anonymous.

Thank you for your hard work to maintain high ethical standards. When we do the right thing in the right way for the right reasons, we thrive together.

Kristine Bordenave, M.D., FACP, CPMA Corporate Medical Director