How Can Nonprofit Institutions and For-profit Companies Come Together Around a Common Cause – Healthy Days?

Journey to value

That’s a question we at Humana have been exploring with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Columbia University. In April, our collaboration resulted in a report published in Population Health Management entitled Leveraging Health-Related Quality of Life in Population Health Management: The Case for Healthy Days. Lead authors also discussed the report at the 26th annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference in Atlanta.

The report proposes that Healthy Days, a health-related quality of life measure developed by the CDC, is a simple way to measure a person’s perception of their health and a valid survey instrument to advance population health. Healthy Days is a four-question survey. It asks people how they perceive their recent health and how many days over the previous month they felt physically or mentally unwell.

Authors of the report reviewed existing literature and found the measures in the self-reported Healthy Days survey were clearly associated with chronic disease conditions. At Humana, we’re using Healthy Days to measure progress toward our bold goal of working with communities to improve health 20 percent by 2020 by making health easier to achieve.

It’s exciting to be able to collaborate with such sterling and accomplished thought leaders in population health and work toward a noble cause – more healthy days for us all.

Roy Beveridge, M.D. Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer