Humana Continues to Work with Physicians to Improve Interoperability

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As we continue to look for ways to support physicians moving into a value-based model of care, Humana continues to listen to physicians and focus on finding strategies grounded in data. To this end, we recently teamed up with the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) to survey senior financial executives to better understand the obstacles physicians and their organizations face when moving into value-based care arrangements.

Many barriers were identified through this study, but two stood out:

  • Adoption of payer value-based programs may be somewhat slower than expected, though they have doubled since 2015.
  • External and internal interoperability may be a primary focus of physicians and other health care providers in the coming years, due to current shortcomings, anticipated future need and the increasing demand for access to various sources of data.

For me, the issue of interoperability really hits home as a previously practicing medical oncologist and now as the clinical leader of a health plan. As I know you’re well aware, interoperability has the challenge of collecting fragmented health data and exchanging the information across multiple systems. In addition, it must provide physicians access to comprehensible patient health information at the right time for informed decision-making and better efficiencies. Overcoming the interoperability barrier becomes even more important for treating patients with chronic conditions, as they generally see multiple physicians and specialists. It’s a critical issue, and the urgency to find solutions is rising in the world of value-based care.

The HFMA study also revealed that 74 percent of senior executives report their organizations have achieved positive financial results (i.e., return on investment) from value-based payment programs to date. So, some success is being realized, and momentum is building for value-based care. Download the complete report (opens in new window).

We take the information we learn with our academic and industry partners, such as HFMA, and incorporate these insights into the way we support physicians practicing value-based care. But we are always open to learning more. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with your thoughts or feedback.

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Roy Beveridge, M.D. Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer