New Tools Provide Patient-specific Pharmacy Coverage Information During an Office Visit

Intelligent Rx

Humana’s new drug benefit verification tool, IntelligentRx, provides physicians with details about their Humana-covered patients' drug coverage, pricing and pharmacy options while the patient is in the exam room. IntelligentRx is available to physicians who use DrFirst® – an electronic prescribing system. It gives physicians and patients the capability to discuss and review drug costs and options as the prescription is being written. Making informed prescribing decisions in the exam room may help improve clinical outcomes by improving patients' access and adherence to their medications.

To use IntelligentRX, the physician chooses a medication, and then DrFirst's myBenefitCheck interface connects with Humana's IntelligentRX service. The physician receives information specific to his or her patient about drug costs and coverage, drug allergies and even alternative therapies. This could have a significant impact on a patient’s out-of-pocket health care costs, which can be a barrier to medication adherence.

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