“Making it Easier for Health Care Providers” Series Updated

Getting easier

Humana continues to add to its library of educational materials regarding claims policies and processes for physicians, health care providers and their office staffs. Each education-on-demand topic addresses a specific policy topic, and most include a printable tip sheet with the most important information about that topic. Newest topics include Drug Testing and Codes, and Chronic Care Management Services.

Humana welcomes health care providers’ feedback on the presentations offered. An optional survey is included at the end of each presentation. Following are some of the survey results Humana has received so far:

  • 80 percent rate the material as extremely/very useful.
  • 82 percent state they are extremely/very likely to use the tip sheets.
  • 91 percent would recommend these presentations to others.
  • Many respondents have offered suggestions for additional topics.

Health care providers and their office staffs can find more information at Humana.com/HealthCareProviderHowTo. They can then use the feedback function on that page to submit questions or recommendations.