“Making It Easier” Series Offers Information on Claims Topics

Claim information

Making It Easier for Health Care Providers is a series of presentations that can help health care providers better understand Humana’s claims policies and processes. A physician, other health care provider or an office manager can visit Humana.com/MakingItEasier to find specific claims topics in 10- to 12-minute presentations.

The series is also available through the “Resources” page on Availity.com (registration required). Health care providers will need to log on to Availity.com to access the series.

Current topics include:

  • Medicare Preventive Services
  • Professional Component and Technical Component (PC/TC)
  • Humana’s Maximum Unit Values
  • Chronic Care Management Services
  • Drug Testing and Codes
  • Humana’s Approach to Code Editing
  • Modifier 24
  • Procedure-to-Procedure Code Editing
  • Modifiers 59 and X {EPSU}
  • Anatomical Modifiers
  • Modifier 25
  • Application of Medicare NCD/LCD Guidelines

The presentations are on-demand, straightforward and concise, and each includes a downloadable tip sheet.