Making Access to Health Care Easier with Telemedicine


When health care providers hear “telemedicine,” it may bring to mind fears of liability and depersonalization of the doctor-patient relationship. However, not only is telemedicine a cost-effective, after-hours alternative to the emergency room (ER), it may actually make health care providers’ lives easier and patients healthier.

Telemedicine is not meant to replace the care given by the patient’s primary care physician (PCP), but rather to supplement and coordinate care.

Important notes:

  • PCPs will be sent visit notes if patients with Humana coverage use this service and consent to alerting their physician.
  • Telemedicine providers cannot make referrals to anyone other than the PCP.
  • Telemedicine providers cannot prescribe Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-controlled substances.

With these and other safeguards in place, PCPs and telemedicine providers can work together to decrease episodes of worsening patient health, hospitalizations and ER visits. To learn more about Humana’s telemedicine initiatives, refer to our clinical resources page and click on “Telemedicine.”


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Charles Stemple, D.O., MBA Market Vice President, Health Guidance Organization