Use ZirMed to Begin Electronic Claims Submission

Use ZirMed

Health care practices submitting paper claims to Humana can migrate to electronic claims submissions using ZirMed®. Humana has teamed up with ZirMed to make this process easy. Even better, Humana is sponsoring health care practices that want to use ZirMed’s services so they can submit electronic claims to Humana at no cost.

Submitting claims electronically offers the following benefits:

  • Getting paid faster
  • Reducing the cost of claim submission
  • Freeing up staff time

In addition, ZirMed’s auto-adjudication tool checks claims for accuracy more quickly than a manual review.

Humana and ZirMed have other electronic tools and resources that benefit physician practices and other health care providers, including one that can help make electronic transactions compliant.

More information about ZirMed can be found at

Questions about Humana’s collaboration with ZirMed or electronic claims submission can be emailed to