Measures That Matter: Simplifying Clinical Quality

Humana is changing the way we work with physicians and clinicians to better support patient care. One change is that we’ve simplified our clinical quality measures to a more manageable number that actually impact patient health.

During this multi-year initiative, we looked at quality measures from both an internal and external perspective. Internally, we analyzed over 1,100 of our own quality measures, removing nearly 700 duplications and inconsistencies. Externally, as members of the Core Quality Measures Collaborative Workgroup, we joined the national effort to reduce, refine and relate measures. This external work has helped us align our measures with industry-defined best practices. To learn more about our external efforts, check out the Health Affairs Blog.

Today, we’re working with physicians and clinicians on 208 key quality measures instead of 1,100. These resulting measures are grounded in evidence, supported by credible organizations, impactful to health outcomes and aligned with established governing principles.

For physicians, this 80 percent reduction means it is now easier to track the quality, complex care they deliver every day. It means physicians and clinicians receive consistent, patient-centric data from Humana about readmission rates, screening requirements (e.g., colonoscopies) and chronic disease management. It reduces confusion and complexity, and better aligns the clinical quality reporting of Humana-covered patients with national, industry standards.

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