Find Out How to Receive Immediate Preauthorization Determinations Online

Humana has enhanced its approval process on the Availity Web Portal with a new preauthorization automation feature. This optional feature can provide immediate determinations for requests that previously may have been pended for review.

How does it work?

For select services on Humana’s Preauthorization List, physicians or their staff now have the option to get faster approvals by answering a few clinical questions online. If all necessary criteria are met, Humana will deliver an instant approval.

Why should you use it?

By choosing to complete the short questionnaire, you can streamline the authorization process for patients’ medical services. Even if an online approval is not provided immediately, the information provided on the questionnaire will help Humana complete the review more quickly.

What answers need to be provided?

To save time when submitting the authorization, have on hand the relevant clinical information from the patient’s chart, including:

  • Standard authorization information, such as requesting and servicing provider and/or facility
  • Patient’s signs and symptoms and their duration
  • Related prior diagnostic tests and results
  • Related patient medications and duration
  • Relevant prior treatments or other clinical findings

How to use this feature

  1. Sign in to the Availity Web Portal and create an authorization request as usual.
  2. Look for a button labeled “Click to Complete Questionnaire.” This means the automation feature is available for the service.
  3. Answer the questions to receive an instant determination on your preauthorization.

Refer to this presentation or FAQ for more information.