Terms and conditions

HumanaVitality Terms and Conditions

For HumanaVitality® members, the following Terms and Conditions also apply.

1. Release and waiver

By registering on the Humana website to participate in the HumanaVitality program, I acknowledge that I am doing so voluntarily and with the understanding that HumanaVitality is not providing medical advice to me in connection with the HumanaVitality program. I understand that any activities, goals, or other information presented to me under the HumanaVitality program are not substitutes for a medical professional's evaluation and treatment. I should obtain necessary medical advice about participation in the HumanaVitality program from my personal medical service providers.

By engaging with the HumanaVitality website and with any social media sharing tools or functions made available to me through such site, I understand that my use of such tools or functions is completely voluntarily. Further, I understand that if I choose to use the social media sharing tools or functions to share my HumanaVitality information on external social media websites, I am responsible for the release of my HumanaVitality information. HumanaVitality is not responsible for the transmission of the information or use of the information on any external website and HumanaVitality cannot retract or delete the information once it is released. I agree that it is my responsibility to understand social media sharing tools or functions prior to my use and to remove any information I no longer wish to have shared.

I understand that regardless of my physical condition while engaged in the HumanaVitality program, certain elements of the HumanaVitality program may involve risk of injuries or aggravation of preexisting injuries, diseases or physical conditions.

I fully accept all such risks resulting from engagement in the HumanaVitality program and hereby release and discharge HumanaVitality from any and all liability, claims, suits, demands or causes of action which may arise from my engagement in the HumanaVitality program. This release of liability and waiver is intended to cover all acts or omissions of HumanaVitality even if such act or omission is the result of intentional, reckless, grossly negligent or negligent conduct.

I understand this Release and Waiver is contractual and not a mere recital. I have read it fully; I hereby acknowledge that I understand it; and I voluntarily accept it.

2. Program Rules and Parameters

2.1 Authority and Modifications

  • HumanaVitality has sole discretion in administering the program terms and conditions.
  • A revised copy of the terms and conditions will be posted at the website when any changes occur.
  • HumanaVitality is not responsible for misinterpretation or lack of knowledge of terms or conditions.
2.2 Accommodation for Member Disability
  • If it is unreasonably difficult due to a medical condition for you to achieve the standards for the reward under this program, or if it is medically inadvisable for you to attempt to achieve the standards for the reward under this program, call the number on the back of your Humana Member ID card and we will work with you to develop another way to qualify for the reward.
2.3 Assumption of Risk
  • Participation in HumanaVitality may include physical exercise, biometric testing, and other health and fitness activities. These activities may involve risks or otherwise not be appropriate for all persons.
  • Recommendations given in HumanaVitality materials are for healthy, active individuals without cardiovascular heart disease, risk factors, or other contraindications to exercise.
  • HumanaVitality participants fully accept all risk and responsibility involved in engaging in HumanaVitality.
  • HumanaVitality is not liable for any loss, injury, or other adverse events in connection with participation in HumanaVitality.
  • Before taking part in these tests or activities, consult with your healthcare professional for a thorough evaluation and review of your present condition, and guidance in what tests and activities are safe and appropriate for you.
2.4 Unfunded Activities
  • Certain HumanaVitality activities and engagements have charges associated with them which may not be funded by HumanaVitality.
2.5 Earning Vitality Points and Vitality Bucks®
  • For requirements and other stipulations regarding HumanaVitality engagement and earning of Vitality Points and Vitality Bucks, please review the descriptions of each specific activity. Terms and conditions specific to reward redemption and other HumanaVitality benefits are set forth in the applicable sections of this site.
  • Where appropriate, the member must use the designated forms and supply all requested documentation in order for activities to be recognized. The member may need to provide his or her Humana member ID number to earn Vitality Points and Vitality Bucks for certain activities.
  • Unless stated otherwise for an activity, members must request Vitality Points and Vitality Bucks credit for HumanaVitality engagement, or cite discrepancies related to such a request, within 90 days of completion of the activity. HumanaVitality does not recognize requests for engagement activities beyond 90 days from their completion.
  • HumanaVitality engagement will be credited only to the account of the HumanaVitality member completing the activity.
  • The member is responsible for ensuring that HumanaVitality engagement and any Vitality Points and Vitality Bucks are appropriately credited. If a member believes that HumanaVitality engagement has been earned but not properly credited, he or she may be required to submit documentation or other proof satisfactory to HumanaVitality. Please allow up to two weeks from submission for most activities to be credited.
2.6 Vitality Bucks and other benefits
  • Accrued Vitality Bucks, Vitality Status® , and other rewards and benefits are not transferable and may not be combined among members, or be transferred to the member's estate, successor or assigns.
  • A member forfeits all benefits under HumanaVitality immediately upon termination from HumanaVitality.
  • Vitality Bucks and benefits do not constitute property of the member.
2.7 Right to Revoke
  • HumanaVitality is the final authority on qualification for HumanaVitality engagement and rewarding of Vitality Points and Vitality Bucks, and reserves the right to deny or revoke Vitality Points, Vitality Bucks, Vitality Status, or other credits at any time if HumanaVitality determines that such credit was improperly given.
  • Humana periodically conducts random checks to confirm the accuracy of information received. Submission of incorrect or inaccurate information may result in the member not earning or the removal of Vitality Points and Vitality Bucks.
2.8 No Retroactive Upgrade
  • Upgrades in benefits tied to a Vitality Status are effective on the date of upgrade to that Status.
  • A member's Vitality Status cannot be retroactively upgraded.
  • Benefits correspond to a member's Vitality Status at the time of redemption, without any retrospective adjustment for subsequent Vitality Status upgrade.
2.9 Tax Information
  • HumanaVitality does not provide tax reporting to the Internal Revenue Service, other agencies, or members. It is the responsibility of the member to determine tax responsibilities, if any, for rewards or other benefits received under HumanaVitality.
3. Limitation of Liability

The Reward Redemption Partners on this Website are independent contractors and not agent or employees of HumanaVitality. HumanaVitality hereby disclaims any liability, whether based on contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise, including without limitation liability for any direct, punitive, special, consequential, incidental or indirect damages, in connection with the goods or services provided by any Reward Redemption Partner through the Site, including without limitation liability for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be incurred through the fault, negligence or otherwise, of such Reward Redemption Partner and you hereby exonerate HumanaVitality from any liability with respect to the same.

4. HumanaVitality Rewards and Redemption

The following terms and conditions apply to Vitality Rewards and their redemption. Rewards merchants may have additional policies, terms, and conditions, which will be disclosed separately on the merchant's website. Please review the merchant website for these complete details.

The following terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

4.1 Vitality Bucks and Pricing

Vitality Reward prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Vitality Bucks and Rewards are non-transferable and may not be combined among members, estates, successors and assigns Vitality Bucks are void and all eligibility for reward redemption ends immediately upon a member's or sponsor's termination from the Vitality program Individuals are responsible for funding the full cost of any rewards redeemed after the effective date of his or her termination from Vitality, even if such termination is retroactive

4.2 Vitality Reward Eligibility
  • Only the principal Vitality member may conduct Vitality Reward transactions
  • Members must have a Vitality Status of Bronze or higher to redeem rewards
  • Members must submit a valid email address to redeem a reward. Order confirmation will be made to this email
  • Violation of these conditions may result in forfeiture of Vitality Bucks and termination from the Vitality program
4.3 Refund/Exchange and Shipping/Delivery
  • Unless stated explicitly otherwise, Vitality Rewards are not eligible for return or refund
  • Members should refuse acceptance of shipments which are visibly damaged or defective
  • Some items and merchandise may not be eligible for shipment to P.O., A.P.O or F.P.O boxes

Unless otherwise noted, rewards may only be shipped to the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.

HumanaVitality is not responsible for replacing shipments made to invalid or incorrectly supplied addresses.