Rights and responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities

As a HumanaVitality® member, you have certain rights and responsibilities when participating in our program. This rights and responsibilities statement reminds you of your role in program participation and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Your Rights as a HumanaVitality Member

As a HumanaVitality member, you have the right to:

  • Be provided with information about your HumanaVitality program, its services and benefits, and your rights and responsibilities as a member
  • Be treated with courtesy and respect by all HumanaVitality associates with appreciation for your dignity, and protection of your right to privacy
  • Receive HumanaVitality’s Notice of Privacy Practices. This can be found on our website or provided by mail by contacting the Humana Privacy Office:

PO Box 1438, Louisville, KY 40202 | privacyoffice@humana.com | 1-866-861-2762

  • Expect HumanaVitality to adhere to all privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures as outlined in our Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Expect your personal information to be kept secure and used appropriately for identifying your personal goals
  • Decline participation in the HumanaVitality program by not completing your health assessment
  • File a formal complaint, as outlined in HumanaVitality’s Complaint Procedure, and expect a response to your complaint within a reasonable period of time

Your Responsibilities as a HumanaVitality Member

As a HumanaVitality program member, you also have the responsibility to:
  • Read and be aware of all materials made available and distributed by HumanaVitality explaining policies and procedures regarding services and benefits
  • Be considerate and cooperative in dealing with Humana and HumanaVitality associates. Express your opinions, concerns or complaints in a constructive manner
  • Be honest and open when completing your Health Assessment

HumanaVitality Complaint Procedures

As a member of HumanaVitality, our Customer Support Specialists are dedicated to assisting you with any questions, concerns, or complaints that you may have regarding your membership or participation in our program.

  • You can contact Customer Support by dialing the phone number on the back of your member identification card or via email using the link that can be found on the contact page of the HumanaVitality website
  • When you call Customer Support, a representative will work with you to resolve any questions, concerns, or complaints that you may have
  • Some call types may require transfer to a specially trained HumanaVitality Customer Support Specialist for resolution in rare instances, we may have to call you back with more information; in these situations you can expect to hear from us within 5-7 working days
  • If you submit questions or complaints via email, you can expect an email response within 2 business days
  • If your question or problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may file a complaint with a Customer Support Specialist. At the time of your complaint, you will be informed of your grievance rights which may vary depending upon the state in which you reside
  • All complaints are tracked and analyzed in an effort to improve products and services for our HumanaVitality members
Well-being has its own rewards. HumanaVitality is a wellness and rewards program that is wholly owned by Humana. HumanaVitality is deeply rooted in behavioral economics and actuarial science to motivate and reward members for taking steps to improve and continue their healthy behaviors. By integrating rewards with health, HumanaVitality provides the tools and support to help members live healthier lives and reduce healthcare costs.