IdeaFestival returned to Louisville

Oct. 04, 2012

Oct. 04, 2012

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HumanaVitality® and Humana® were proud to sponsor the 2012 IdeaFestival®. The IdeaFestival is exactly what it sounds like: A celebration of cutting-edge ideas across a myriad of disciplines. Some of the brightest minds from around the world come together every September in Louisville, KY for four days of events, lectures, food, conversation, and connections. The IdeaFestival, above all, is about inspiration, imagination, and combining the arts, humanities and sciences to make connections that enable innovation in our world.

HumanaVitality and the IdeaFestival are a natural fit for one another. HumanaVitality uses scientific aggregated health data to drive a dynamic program that gamifies well-being for each of our members. We believe that if we can make fun things healthy and healthy things fun, we will be able to reverse many of the negative health trends that we see in our society. Our groundbreaking wellness and incentives program was designed with the same spirit of innovation the IdeaFestival celebrates.

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