Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

Don’t let the holidays stress you out.

The holidays are a time to enjoy family, friends and food. However, whether it’s a dinner disaster, overbearing in-laws or the winding check-out lines at every store in the mall, the holiday season can very easily become the “stressful season.”

Sound familiar? Follow these six sanity-saving tips to de-stress this holiday season.

  1. Think ahead
    Start planning ASAP. Start compiling ingredients for holiday dishes now to be sure you have everything you will need when it’s time to cook. If you know you’ll need to buy gifts, starting your shopping early can help you avoid the department store rush and give you plenty of time for wrapping.
  2. Share the responsibility
    Hosting the family dinner? Ask everyone to bring a dish to pass. Need to clean the house? Enlist the kids to help you with the chores. No time to set the table? Ask your significant other to help you out. There’s no need to do it all.
  3. Make time for yourself
    Hosting overnight guests? Don’t feel pressured to entertain them for their entire stay. Being with them all weekend may leave everyone feeling burnt out. Feel free to make time for a massage, a nap or a walk. Feel bad leaving them alone? Recruit another family member to take them out to lunch or to sight-see around town.
  4. Give back to the community
    In between the football games and family get-togethers, grab your gang and spend an hour or two volunteering at the local food bank or help serve a special holiday dinner to those in need. Giving back to your community helps put the holiday season back into perspective.
  5. Take a night out to eat
    Tired of cooking? Treat yourself! Skip the kitchen for a night and take your family out to eat for a holiday dinner. There is nothing like coming home to a clean kitchen.
  6. Maintain a healthy routine
    It’s true - exercise helps ease stress. Don’t let the busy holidays break you of your routine. Whether you like to sweat it out in the gym or walk around the block, stick to it. To make it even more fun and bring your family and friends that are here for the holidays to join along. Don’t forget to wear your tracking device to earn Vitality PointsTM as you de-stress.