Personal Health Coaching

Sep. 19, 2013

Sep. 19, 2013

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” This statement couldn’t be more true for Gary from the Midwest, one of HumanaVitality’s members.

Gary was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees more than a year ago and was told that he would eventually need knee replacements to function. Even taking just one step was very difficult and he was forced to live a sedentary lifestyle to cope with the physical challenges he faced. In addition to Gary’s challenges, his wife was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and her A1C test, a blood test used to gauge how well you're managing your diabetes, was not in a recommended range.

When Gary and his wife took a trip to Disney World they quickly realized how their health was affecting their everyday life. Because of Gary’s physical challenges, he needed to sit the majority of the vacation, limiting the time they were able to spend at the park. Upon their return, Gary’s wife insisted he make changes before she would return to Disney with him.

When Gary’s company switched to Humana, he recognized an opportunity to take advantage of its wellness and rewards program, HumanaVitality. His first step with the program was taking the Health Assessment, or a comprehensive evaluation of his current state of health. Gary was disheartened to learn that his Vitality AgeTM, a measure of how old a person is living, was more than ten years older than his actual age of 57. Following this revelation Gary knew that he needed to make a change and fortunately he wasn’t alone. Given her own health concerns Gary’s wife also joined him on a journey to better health and wellness.

Together, the couple started making small changes to their daily routine, including taking a few more steps every day, which eventually lead to daily walks around the neighborhood. After reaching two weight loss milestones with the help of HumanaVitality, Gary learned about the Personal Health Coaching program. Eventually, he decided to try the program because it was another way to earn more Vitality PointsTM.

Adding Personal Health Coach, Amy, to his health and wellness regime helped him to take his efforts to a new level. And, because of his hard work and dedication, Gary has delayed the need for knee replacements indefinitely. Gary’s wife is also making strides to reach her goals and has recently dropped her A1C number significantly.

Looking ahead, Gary and his wife set their sights once again on a trip to Disney World, only this time they’ll be able to experience all that the magical place has to offer.