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Jun. 18, 2012

Jun. 18, 2012

Did you know your Vitality Status® is based on your HumanaVitality® plan year? You will still enjoy the Vitality Status that you earned during the previous plan year while shopping in the HumanaVitality Mall, but to continue receiving the benefits of your Vitality Status, you will need to re-qualify each year.

Here is an overview of what you can expect upon your HumanaVitality renewal. You can also find popular FAQs under the Frequently Asked Questions section of the HumanaVitality website portal after you log in to

Specific to your Vitality Status, if you are Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum, you will keep your Vitality Status for the remainder of the plan year in which your Vitality Status is earned. You will also keep your Vitality Status for the next plan year immediately following. But, to continue receiving the benefits of your Vitality Status, you need to re-qualify every year. If you are uncertain when your plan year renews, check with your human resources department or benefits administrator.

Here's how your carryover Vitality Status works:

  • If you achieved Platinum Status this plan year, you will maintain Platinum Status through the end of the next plan year.
  • You will want to stay engaged and continue earning Vitality PointsTM to keep the same Vitality Status the following years, so you continually have a Platinum carryover Vitality Status.
  • The higher your Vitality Status, the higher your rewards potential when redeeming your Vitality Bucks® in the HumanaVitality Mall (eligible for Silver, Gold and Platinum Vitality Status).

Here is an example: Your upcoming plan year renewal is July 1, 2012. If you achieved Platinum Status by June 30, 2012, you will maintain Platinum Status for the remainder of 2012 and through June 30, 2013. As long as you re-qualify your Platinum Vitality Status between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013, you will keep the same Platinum Vitality Status for the following plan year. This means that whatever Vitality Status you earn by June 30, 2013, will be your carryover Vitality Status beginning July 1, 2013. The same process for maintaining your Vitality Status will repeat for 2014 and so on.

You can carry over 10% of your Vitality Points balance each plan year as our way of helping you kick-start your earnings for the next plan year.

Your unspent Vitality Bucks will remain in your account and carry over plan year to plan year, but you must redeem them within three years. Each year, you will receive an equivalent number of new Vitality Bucks corresponding to the 10% Vitality Points carryover. It is important to remember that your Vitality Bucks will expire if you are no longer covered by your plan and/or sponsor's plan, or if you end the plan year in Blue Vitality Status.

If you are a Blue Vitality Status member on the last day of your plan year, all of your Vitality Points and Vitality Bucks will reset to zero as of your plan year renewal date. You will not retain any Vitality Points in your account unless you take the Health Assessment to increase your Vitality Status to Bronze by the last day of your plan year (example: If you have a July 1 plan year renewal date, the last day of your plan year is June 30, 2012).

Take Action: Remember, you must complete your Health Assessment every plan year in order to spend your Vitality Bucks in the HumanaVitality Mall. While you can take your Health Assessment any time, if you complete it within the first 90 days of the plan year, you will receive 250 additional Vitality Points.

Carryover Biometrics

If you are a Bronze Vitality Status or higher and had any of the following screenings this plan year with in-range results, your results will carry over for:

  • Vitality Check® Blood Pressure
  • Vitality Check Blood Glucose
  • Vitality Check Cholesterol
  • Nicotine (Cotinine)

You will be awarded Vitality Points for Prevention and in-range Healthy Living as if you had your Vitality Check. Additionally, you will see all of your prior plan year Heath Assessment metrics automatically populated on your Health Assessment for your new plan year Health Assessment completion.

You will not see any pre-populated metrics related to your Body Mass Index (BMI) or waist size. You will need to re-take your BMI test every plan year. This is because BMI and waist size may vary greatly from one year to the next. As a reminder, BMI is a calculation on your height and weight.

Even if you have in-range results, you can elect to take another Vitality Check. Note that a new Vitality Check may trigger new goals for you to complete.

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