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HumanaVitality Mall

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Jun. 18, 2012

Jun. 18, 2012

Looking to spend your Vitality Bucks®? Your Shape® Fitness Evolved 2012 for the Xbox 360® KinectTM is now available for purchase in the Fun & Games section of the HumanaVitality Mall!

New HumanaVitality gear

The G2.0 accelerometer pedometer will be released later in 2012, so check back for more updates on when you can buy an upgraded HumanaVitality pedometer at the HumanaVitality Mall. And remember, you can spend both Vitality Bucks and personal credit card payments on various items. Just check for the payment methods on particular rewards.

Store updates

Just like shopping at your local mall, sometimes stores close. Effective summer 2012, the Local Offers section within the HumanaVitality Mall will be closed. It is possible Local Offers may reappear at a later date with different types of rewards more focused on health-related activities and events. Thank you for your patience and feedback as we continually evaluate the HumanaVitality Mall experience.

Humana fit

You may notice a few changes to Humana fit. In fact, there are new tools to create a personal challenge, create a route, and courses to help you train against yourself or others to earn virtual achievements.

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A commitment to moving healthcare forward

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