Rack up Vitality Points

June 18, 2012

Good health habits lead to good health

Rack up Vitality PointsTM

HumanaVitality® is now able to acknowledge your completed educational courses, calculators, campaigns, and conversations. Now, you will have peace of mind that HumanaVitality is acknowledging your hard work tied to your goals.

If you are new to HumanaVitality, activate your personal goals suggested to you by HumanaVitality. The Get Educated section of HumanaVitality hosts all of the courses, calculators, campaigns, and conversations you can take as a way to earn Vitality Points and increase your Vitality Status®. Now, once you complete an educational activity that is tied to your activated goals, you will receive a notification displaying your earned Vitality Points on your HumanaVitality Dashboard.

A commitment to moving healthcare forward

A commitment to moving healthcare forward

Humana is leading the way with fresh ideas about lifelong well-being.

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Creative thinkers wanted

Creative thinkers wanted

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