Set your Vitality goals and be rewarded

June 18, 2012

Improving Vitality status by running

Set your Vitality goals and be rewarded

Did you know the fastest way to increase your Vitality Status® is to activate your goals? Your personal goals, located on your HumanaVitality® Dashboard, are suggested to you based on the results of your Health Assessment and completion of your Vitality Check®.

Goals are an important part of your HumanaVitality experience and aid in increasing your Vitality Status more quickly. The goals that appear on your HumanaVitality portal page are specific to you, based on things you told us you wanted to work on. To activate a goal, go to the recommended goals and click the button that says "Activate."

Once you have activated a goal, there are recommended activities you can do to help you achieve the goal. There are many ways to achieve goals, so don't feel overwhelmed by thinking you have to complete every single activity that is suggested to you - this is how we make your journey personal and give you flexibility to design your path in a way that is fun and exciting to you.

You can find your suggested goals by:

  1. Log in to
  2. View “My Dashboard”
  3. View “My Goals”
  4. Go to “My Recommended Goals”
  5. Choose “Set Goal”
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A commitment to moving healthcare forward

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