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Jun. 12, 2013

Jun. 12, 2013

A happy mom makes for a happier family. But like many moms, you may struggle with finding the time to take care of yourself and to make healthier choices. Whether you work outside the home or are a stay-at-home mom, the key to healthier living rests with focusing on a plan, getting organized and finding the right balance. One HumanaVitality member shares her story about turning healthy actions into healthy habits and a way of life with the help of a personal health coach.

As a mom of three young children and a part-time night-shift nurse, this HumanaVitality member struggled with finding the time to commit to health and wellness. She joined HumanaVitality and after taking her Health Assessment, she began working on her own to try to get on a healthier path. At the time she weighed 180 pounds, 30 pounds more than her pre-baby weight and goal weight of 150 pounds. Learning about the Personal Health Coaching program and wanting the extra support, she joined the program.

When starting the Personal Health Coaching program, she knew she wanted to make a change, but was scared to set a goal – mostly afraid of failing. She worked closely with her personal health coach over phone and email, who understood her trepidation and helped her define the goals that she wanted to achieve.

Together, the member and her personal health coach devised a plan to incorporate smart eating and exercise into her and her family’s daily routine. As soon as the member believed in herself and set her mind to it, she began to soar. She started learning how to make adjustments in her life in order to accommodate the changes needed to be healthier. She started waking up early and heading straight to the gym in the morning. With support from her husband and loved ones, she kept going even when making changes was challenging. At one point, she gained back a couple of pounds. Though disappointed, she let her determination fuel her and she never gave up. She even lost some weight over the holidays.

She now adds fruits and veggies to every family meal and exercising three to four times per week. Such simple actions were once epic challenges, and have now become a routine habit. The member and her family are dedicated to their goals and their new healthy habits. She is currently back at pre-baby weight and continuing to live a healthier lifestyle.

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