January is National Blood Donor Month

Earn Vitality Points for Changing a Life: Give Blood


How often do you get rewarded for saving a life? With HumanaVitality, 6 times a year! Give blood this January, National Blood Donor Month, and earn Vitality Points. Each time you donate you’ll earn 50 Vitality Points, up to 300 Vitality Points per program year. And the entire process, from registration to refreshment, takes less than an hour, so you can even give during your lunch break.

Did you know that as little as one pint of blood can save up to three lives? According to the American Blood Center, someone in the US needs blood every two seconds, and these groups are those with the greatest need:

  • Those being treated for cancer
  • Those undergoing orthopedic surgeries
  • Those undergoing organ and marrow transplants
  • Those undergoing cardiovascular surgeries
  • Those being treated for inherited blood disorders

To find out where you can give blood and to schedule your appointment, go to RedCrossBlood.org. Claim your Vitality Points by submitting the Blood Donation Form with proof of donation within 90 days.